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14 nov. 2011 06:07
I strongly believe that president Kabila is doing a good job, not only for the people of congo but for the whole of Africa and the world. He has steadly transformed that economy to become active and am sure over time Lumumba's prophecy that Africa's economic liberation will come from Congo - will certainly come into being. Those working hard to kill president Kabila please stop it because it is unwise and will only devastate Africa. God forbid.
14 nov. 2011 02:44
I don't support violence but i think that we don't need to give more weight to simple words spoken by the opposition leader which were not even executed. If you are really connected with congolese realities, i think it's the actual government which commits atrocities, arresting people abusively and mistreating them for no good reason. I do believe firmly that change in the leadership of my country will also bring changes in people social life and will allow true democracy to take place. THANKS!
11 nov. 2011 12:16
Sounds good when the eu is makes ah effort to assist us this way much appreciated.
5 nov. 2011 12:59
I live in los angeles, I am going to RDC. How can I work for the election?
1 oct. 2011 12:07
Thanks to our Dear political party PPRD and especially to his excellency the president Joseph kabila who usually continue showing his great interest to serve the congo nation. That is great, regarding difficulties the congo is experiencing. His excellency did not give up the nation but still struggling for the welfare of the whole nation and unity of DRC. Excellency still have lots of achievements and hence the congolese still expecting more from him. All congolese support you to bring them at the destiny: peace/unity, welfare, economy and development. May Good bless the DRC/ PPRD
30 sept. 2011 06:33
Congolese people also deserve peace and peace and prosperity like other people in the world so rebels should stop and think twice and take the path which lead to the above note. The congolese gouvernment should remember that Congo belongs to all congolese regardless of their care or ethnic group....
17 sept. 2011 09:24
Regulations are not always (rarely) the best way to solve these kinds of things. I am directly aware of a very legitimate US company who is working through all the proper channels in the DR Congo to export minerals. They have been contacted by chiefs in DR Congo who would like to sell many tons of Coltan each month through legitimate channels, but this US Company is refusing to get into a contract with them because of the new regulations and the expense involved in complying. This company has been repeatedly lauded by the DR Congo for their integrity and willingness to do everything above board.As a result, the chiefs who would like to sell their Coltan through a legitimate company are being forced to either go poor, or go another route that may not be as legitimate. You are not helping the people of the DR Congo with these regulations. The very people you hope to protect are the only ones who are going to be hurt. There are better ways to deal with war lords than to set up regulations that make it even harder for the victims to get out of poverty.
19 août 2011 11:22
Well come back Mabi Putu Tresor. We realy missed you,may the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
19 août 2011 10:23
DRC can well beat Senegal and Cameroun if the commitment is to continue because DRC is no longer a team to undermine.
19 août 2011 10:17
Beware, DRC national team and clubs are simply reviving so dont dont ever undermine them !
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