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21 juin 2012 07:22
As everyone in the world knows, the so-called superpowers will support dictators as long as they think they serve their interests. So the US covering up for Paul Kagame is nothing new here. It's business as usual really. When the people rise up against the dictator, then the countries like the US and the UK change sides and claim to be on the side of the people, just like in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.
10 juin 2012 09:41
Rwanda is playing with fire; congo is a big country like china that if they put their acts together, train more soldiers then very few african countries will be able to challenge congo,,,,
2 juin 2012 04:03
I am a football coach. I love TP Mazembe such that am interested to work for their development programme. Mobile phone:00268-76073673 Best regards.
29 mai 2012 03:03
How long will innocent congolese suffer for Rwanda problems. Ok!!! It's not enough they are stealing minerals but innocent people have to die. Oh oh oh!!!! our enemies never sleep. we congolese want peace. The ICC has to target Rwanda so they'll tell the truth.
28 mai 2012 08:49
Rwanda has never achieved its goal which is to take a piece of The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kagame and his friends still believe that one day he will be able to control the entire great lakes region and without the Congo under their control, there is no way they will be able to achieve that; so they will fight tooth and nail to make sure that they achieve that diabolic dream.
27 mai 2012 12:28
Que fait-on du principe pollueur-payeur? il faudrait que les entreprises en RDC apprennent à faire une exploitation responsable des ressources (épuisables) que regorge le pays. c'est le seul moyen d'arriver à un développement durable. Où est l'Etat dans tout ça?
26 mai 2012 07:37
C'est aujourd'hui que Kamerhe reconnait la richesse du Congo? Mmmmmmmm des ipocrites
25 mai 2012 10:07
Why don't you ask Kabila to tell us how much he has made since he took office?
19 mai 2012 11:35
Alain Makaba was amazing in skills. I need also to know, did Flame Kapaya learn from Alain Makaba?
13 mai 2012 06:53
Go Mazembe Go!!! You make us proud. We love you.
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