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30 nov. 2011 10:30
S8 d accord avec vous mon président. nous voulons la restauration de notre État rien que ca monsieur le Président. Je vit a BUJUMBURA la capital Burundaise Bonne gouvernance que DIEU vous monsieur le Président. JUNIOR 257 79 502 772; 257 75 266 754
30 nov. 2011 08:49
Il est plus que certain que Tshisekedi sortira vainqueur des élections présidentielles. Est-il conscient des défis qui l'attendent? Si oui, que Dieu l'aide bien , si non, ce sera une catastrophe sans mesure car tout est à  recommencer dans ce pays. Le pragmatisme doit primer sur l'orgueil personnel et la boulimie du pouvoir.
30 nov. 2011 06:36
I kabala jean michel from Australia pray God to help my mother country DR congo to have a good president. I wish ya Tshisekedi to be elected as he deserves. May the devine favour of God be upon this election in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.
30 nov. 2011 06:00
Some legitimate points, but bound up in a daft narrative. The incumbent's 'well-funded', you say. But how? Is that of no journalistic interest to you? ( That, of itself, is enough to make his candidature illegitimate, surely.
27 nov. 2011 07:46
I'm a congolese, native from Bukavu. I need say to all congolese, before you vote just think well. All leaders make promesses but don't deliver.
27 nov. 2011 05:23
Egypt freed themselves with violence, libya freed themselves with violence... South Africa freed themselves with violence... All he is saying to me is that we Congolese should rise up and fight for our freedom and not be silence by the government ..., if we are mistreated we should rise and fight back....
27 nov. 2011 02:15
Only God knows if President Kabila will be our president. It is good if he is, if he is not the one that is also is fine, we will appreciate to get a new president in our country Congo.
26 nov. 2011 04:51
It is panic time for Kabila. He has no chance to win in the ballots and he knows it. His rally in Kinshasa was going to an humiliation to him, while that of Etienne Tshisekedi was going to be a huge success, like it has been in all parts of the country. Says The New-York Times: "Many analysts say that the government knows that it needs to use every trick in the bribery and repression handbook to hang on. Witnesses in Bukavu said that the president's party recently packed a stadium full of women from the market and handed them each the equivalent of $5, what many earn in a week." But fraud and bribery are of little help when a people asks for its rights. And the Congolese people want Etienne Tshisekedi for president.
26 nov. 2011 01:46
Kabila is panicking ! His time is over and he knows that his meeting could not have sustained comparison with that of Etienne Tshisekedi. The Congolese people have decided what this childish attempt tries to avoid: Tshisekedi president !
19 nov. 2011 12:57
Le congo a touché vraiment le fond, quand un petit procureur se permet de menacer un pays. Déjà même la CPI ne doit pas s'immiscer au problème congolais, d'autant plus que le pays n'a pas voulu coopérer pour lui livrer les personnes recherchées. Toutes les organisations internationales impopulaires et incompétentes (UA, Francophonie, Cpi) ont trouvé l'occasion d'exister.
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